WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - The Wichita Police Department said the man who is barricaded inside a home near 10th and High is continuing to speak with mental health care professionals, and is not a threat to the public.

Police told people in the neighborhood to shelter in place early Wednesday afternoon after the man armed himself as he was going through what police are calling a mental health crisis.

"During initial contact, the patient retrieved a handgun, the respondent team decided to retreat from the house and call additional resources,” said Wichita Police Public Information Officer Juan Rebolledo. “We have our negotiators. And we have our SWAT team just as a precaution."

Sedgwick County Emergency Communications sent out an alert around 2:45 Wednesday afternoon saying, 'this is a very dangerous situation, avoid the area, shelter in place. Get to a basement if you can or stay away from windows.’

The standoff put the nearby Black Elementary School on lockout.

"The houses around his house, we asked them to voluntarily leave the house,” Rebolledo said. “The majority of them left except for one."

As of Wednesday evening, police say the mental health unit was continuing to try and help the man holed up inside the house.