OSAGE COUNTY, OK. (KAKE) - Osage County Sheriff Eddie Virden says Dennis Rader is still the number one suspect in his investigation. And he’s working with a new national BTK task force to hopefully find answers.

"Right now I gotta bring my calmness back down because if I could tell you the real story and the things that were jeopardized," said Virden.

An intense news conference in Pawhuska on Tuesday. Sheriff Virden is furious that the Osage County District Attorney Mike Fisher says he has concerns with how the sheriff's office is investigating the disappearance of Cynthia Kinney. He says Mike Fisher's and the DA's comments are based off of incomplete information as Fisher has not reached out to discuss details of the case. Further he said the DA expressing concern is hurting his investigation. 

"What he has done yesterday has messed so much up in this investigation he has no idea what he did," said Virden.

Virden said he is going to continue this investigation and how he has a new group to assist. He created the new national BTK task force with the sole purpose of investigating cold cases like Kinney's that have possible links to BTK.

"We will follow each and every lead we will evaluate everything with some of the top professionals in the field. And we will try to get answers to questions that I think anybody has when it comes to case," said Virden.

Eddie Virden tells us this task force includes some of the nation's best investigators and it aims to combine resources from law enforcement agencies in both Kansas and Oklahoma as well as federally. District Attorney Mike Fisher did show up at the news conference today and says his priority is to find closure for the family.

Virden said this is also his goal but at this time the two are not working together.