WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Wichita residents with a sprinkler system connected to the city's water may be at risk of having their account disconnected.

In a September 5 news release, the City of Wichita states that residents with irrigation systems connected to the city's water system are required to annually have their backflow tested. The due date for the annual backflow certification was May 30, and the city says multiple notices have gone out to accounts that have been non-compliant. 

Non-compliant accounts are now scheduled for water disconnection on September 12. 

If a Wichita water customer has not yet gotten their backflow tested, they can schedule backflow testing and call the water department with their appointment date to avoid risk of water disconnection.

If residents have a sprinkler system that is connected to the City water and have not yet completed backflow testing, it is crucial they do so immediately.

Residents may go to wichita.gov/backflow or call (316) 219-8916 for information on how to achieve compliance. The website also has a list of certified technicians that customers may call for testing.