WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) -The hunt for the perfect cat came to Wichita Sunday morning with more than 138 felines lining up in hopes of winning the honor.  

Sunday was the 15th Annual Kansas Cats Show and Judge Fate Mays said there are certain criteria for picking the perfect cat. 

"Some breeds want round eyes, some oval, some almond, some walnut, some peach-pit shaped eyes, some have only long hair, some have only short hair," Mays said.

Many of the fur balls had his or her own unique story. 

Charlotte Shea, owner of a 3-year old award-winning Birman cat, shared a myth about hers. 

"They were temple cats and the legend is that the Birman got its white feet because he guarded a priest that was killed during an attack and guarded the priest until other priests could come," Shea said.

Shea added that the white feet on her Birman are referred to as gloves and the back feet are laces.  She said there are certain things that make her cat award-winning.  

"He is a seal point which makes him flashy...Birmans can be any point color and the point color is what's on their face and ears and legs and tail," she said.

The crowd of people that came out moved around the room as they enjoyed the different shows.  Vendors were even set up for those that wanted to purchase toys for their own fur ball.