WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - A local photographer injured in a fall has died. Linda Gregory was the photographer for the football team at Northwest High School. Her husband honored her at the game by showing up and taking photos.

Monday night Linda Gregory got hit on the sidelines of a JV Football Game and fell hitting her head on the concrete.

"The most generous and loving person I've ever known,” said Mel Gregory, Linda’s husband. 

An emotional moment for Mel Gregory. As he shared the news on Facebook Friday his wife Linda passed and is at peace. Northwest High School football players embraced Mel.

As he stood on the sideline taking photos, what the couple did together under Friday night lights.

"Number one she doesn't blame any of the kids. Number two this was her school. She didn't go to any school. She’s from Iowa. But she loved these people. We would like everybody to know the kids are her primary concern,” said Gregory. 

Taking the field after Linda got hit on the sidelines of a JV football game Monday night is not easy for Mel.

"It's going to be difficult. I've got her camera that she was using that night. And I just want to try to do as best as I can. I may not shoot a lot, but I want to do what I can,” said Gregory. 

The photos Linda took are worth a 1000 words. Just like Mel will have a 1000 memories of his wife.

"I can't tell you what she says. But I think she would love it that I was carrying on our tradition,” said Gregory. 

Linda and Mel's family was on the sideline with Mel. There was a moment of silence for Linda before the game started and every player had a sticker on the back of their helmets with the initials LG.