WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE)- The Kansas Food Bank is starting a new program this year for the month of September which is Hunger Action month, the program is called Fill a Bag, Feed a Family. 

“One in ten Kansans experience food insecurity which just means they don't know where their next meal is coming from,” said Kate Birkhofer, the marketing manager for the Kansas Food Bank.

“The fill a bag, feed a family campaign is brand new to the food bank this year for Hunger Action month and we're kicking it off with the goal of filling 5,000 bags to help feed Kansans in need this September,” said Birkhofer.

Filling these bags is very easy and rewarding, just like volunteering at the food bank.

“It makes me happy when I get up in the morning to know that I'm coming here. And the people I work with are so nice and they're all willing to help and they all have this great spirit of wanting to help the community,” said Johanne Pachanjis, a volunteer.

Anyone can come to the Kansas Food Bank and pick up an empty brown paper bag, see what groceries are printed on it, and fill it at the grocery store to bring back to the food bank.

“The bags have some of our most needed items on them. And they're kind of just pantry staples… canned fruits and vegetables, pasta, sauce, noodles, peanut butter, really things that could go together to make an actual meal for Kansans which is really important,” said Birkhofer. 

For just $30.80 KAKE was able to get everything off the list, which is not required to return the bag. Each bag has the potential to feed a family approximately 17 meals. 

“We are just getting started and there's definitely still tons of time left for the community to come in and grab a bag or grab 10 bags and fill them and just bring them back to us by the end of the month,” said Birkhofer.

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