GODDARD, Kan. (KAKE)- The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has issued a blue-green algae warning for Lake Afton which means the water is unsafe for both humans and animals and coming into contact with it can make you sick. Because of this warning the lake was practically empty on labor day when it's usually packed.

"I'm just shocked because I didn't know and the water looks so refreshing like you just want to get in," says Tencia Hernandez.

Hernandez and her family are spending their day at Lake Afton because it's the last day for them to spend quality time together before the weather gets colder.

They loaded up their car with fishing poles, cooking gear, and a speaker and headed out ready for a relaxing day at the lake. She says they were unaware of a blue-green algae warning which made it confusing for them when they arrived and no one else was there.

"We were like, 'why is it so empty?' It's lonely, it's usually packed," she explains. 

Labor Day at Lake Afton is usually extremely crowded. While the low attendance on the holiday is unusual park workers say it wasn't unexpected. One worker at the lake's office today tells KAKE news she is the only one there today because staff was expecting a slow day due to the blue-green algae warning.

In years past people are usually swimming and cooling off in the lake's blue water but this year a greenish tint covers lake keeping people away and messing up plans for the few people who did come.

"We've been down here a couple of times going fishing. We see all the algae and everything else and used to go swimming over here every now and then," says fisher Paul Brock.

Brock and his friend are spending the afternoon fishing at the lake and say they have visited Afton often. He explains that it's shocking to see it this quiet when usually it's packed.

Fishing is the only water activity that is still safe to do under the warning but fishers still need to be careful. If you catch a fish make sure to clean it well with clean water and only eat the filets.

If you are worried you came into contact with unsafe water make sure to clean yourself off with clean water as soon as possible.

Warning signs letting people know the water is unsafe are posted all throughout the lake explaining what activities are prohibited and what you need to do to stay safe.

Blue green algae warning sign at Lake Afton