GREAT BEND, Kan. (KAKE) - It was 21 years ago today that someone went into the Dolly Madison bakery in Great Bend and murdered worker Mandi Alexander and customer Mary Drake. 

Investigators say the murder weapon was never recovered but it is thought to be a sharp object. Since this horrific tragedy, the case has gone cold.  

Great Bend native director and producer Aaron Mull was just 9-years-old when the murders happened. Mull is keeping the case alive through his documentary 'The Dolly Madison Murders.'  

"It was a close, literally a close to home story - I could access some of the people pretty easily through mutual friends and just decided to shed a bigger light on this horrific thing that happened in the community I grew up in," said Mull.  

He said since the airing, he's had several people reach out to him with names of people that they truly believe are involved. Mull said he immediately wanted to get this information over to the authorities. He added that some of the names provided were repeated names from different sources.  

Many of his viewers said they feel the case could have been better handled by law enforcement.  

This documentary could still bring new hope to solving this case.  

For more information on viewing the documentary, you can go to The Dolly Madison Murders