WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Newly shared sketches may be clues to other potential victims of the serial killer Dennis Rader, otherwise known as BTK.

His daughter, Kerri Rawson, sharing them on social media as she helps law enforcement sort through them. 

“There's 200 of these drawings. We're trying to sort out are these actual crime scenes? Are they actual missing victims,” Rawson said during an interview with CNN Monday morning.

Rawson says as of now she knows of, at least nine cases that have been reopened in three states with her father is a suspect.

She adds, "We are looking at several more. I'm not at liberty to discuss complete numbers right now. I don't think anybody has a concept really of full numbers."

The two most prominent of those new cases, Cynthia Kinney in Oklahoma and Shawna Garber in Missouri. Rawson says she is helping local agencies in both states figure out if Rader was involved.

“I know my dad very well, I'm an expert on him. We're matching my memories, say to his evidence, possible crime scenes."

Rawson adds that solving what happened in these cases is her biggest focus, even if they end up not being victims of her father.

"There's cold cases here that have been going for 50 years, somebody needs to speak up for them and put some spotlight on it. That will be me.”