WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE)-  Labor day weekend is a time when many Kansas families like to head to the lake to rest, relax and party.

"We are just celebrating today, we don't have to work tomorrow. Yay. So the families out here we're going to relax right, cook some hamburgers, some carne asada and so we're just here just to have a good time with the family and enjoy outside," said Jose Urbina, a lake goer at Cheney Lake. 

People of all ages were excited about a break from work and school.

"Oh, we're planning just to have a barbecue chilling out with my mom's friends. Take a nice dip in the water,” said Tristan Thomason, a lake goer without school tomorrow. 

Many people gathered at Cheney Lake to enjoy the day by the water. 

"You could see people grilling, boats, tubing, skiing, and just partaking being out in the lake," said Jose Urbina. 

It was very different from the scene over at Lake Afton where there were hardly any people at all. 

The campsites were nearly empty and the lake waters untouched for good reason. The normally busy lake has been under a blue green algae warning all summer.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment says blue green algae can release toxins into the water that make you sick or can even kill someone - several dogs have died in Kansas due to blue green algae just this year.

Six Kansas lakes are currently under blue green algae warnings and that has pushed campers and boaters to other bodies of water. Even though Cheney Lake has had low water levels due to the ongoing drought people are still showing up for the holiday. 

Owner of O’Brien’s Marina at Cheney Lake, Kevin O'Brien talks about how business has been during this summer season. 

"We've had a lot of problems trying to keep water in the lake. And it's been down so but people still want to recreate and fish and everything else. So it's a good average year," said O’Brien.