PARK CITY, Kan. (KAKE) - The daughter of serial killer Dennis Rader speaks out for the first time since new evidence was discovered that authorities claim may connect Rader to other killings.

Kerri Rawson had a lot to say, during a two-hour podcast. She talked about everything from the possibility of more victims to going to visit her father in prison.

She explains on the podcast "Surviving the Survivor", she had not seen her father since 2005. Not only does she describe the condition he was in, but also something he told her that got her thinking.

"I go is it 10 Dad, and he goes 10 and he rolls that zero,” said Rawson.

Rawson recently asked her father, who is known as serial killer BTK, directly if he killed more than 10 people. She explains how she interrupted the roll of the zero.

"Now I'm thinking good God man, how many times are you rolling that zero, because I think you're trying to tell me it's more than 10,” she said.

After 18 years behind bars and convicted of killing 10 people, there is still a human element to Rader.

"He was literally sobbing, he reached out for me, he hugged me, he kissed me,” said Rawson.

Last week, Oklahoma investigators dug up the ground where Rader’s Park City home once stood. They say they are 100% sure the killer had something to do with 16-year-old Cynthia Kinney's 1976 disappearance.

Detectives also think he may have something to do with the murder of 22-year-old Shawna Garber in 1990.

"I said hey, what do you think happened to Garber? And it was like that dad mask came off, and it was like BTK,” said Rawson.

Rawson doesn't believe her father.

"It's not dad claiming these. He is telling me directly that he didn't do these and he's dodging. He's making up alibis. He's lying to my face,” said Rawson.

When investigators found evidence at her family's former Park City home, Rawson says her father was speechless.

"Interestingly enough guys, he has not said one word since we dug up his precious yard. I think that's pretty telling, like, I think he's shocked into muteness after 50 years,” said Rawson.

Rawson also mentioned her dad is not allowed on the internet, social media, or email. He can only watch the news. For the full podcast interview with Kerri Rawson on 'Surviving the Survivor' click here.