Warning: this story contains disturbing images.

WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE)- Eddie Virden, the Osage County Sheriff in Oklahoma, says he believes old Polaroids Dennis Rader took of himself recreating the positions he left his victims in show evidence that possibly links the serial killer to even more cold cases in three different states. The clues are what Rader is seen wearing in some of the photos.

Dennis Rader bound and hanging from a tree in a polaroid he took of himself recreating poses he out his victims in

"What we believe is the items that he used like that were more trophy items which had more meaning than just breaking into an empty house and stealing some clothing," said Virden.

Virden said in Rader's writings he mentions that in those photos he is wearing items from three projects. Rader used the word projects throughout his writings when talking about his murders.

His writings also mention clothing items and one specific garment jumped out to Virden, a brown fur coat. Rader writes about a brown fur coat and he thinks this could connect him to a missing woman in Kansas.

"Our understanding is she was last seen wearing a brown fur coat and that coat was later recovered neatly folded up outside of town," he said.

Kerri Rawson, Rader's daughter, writes in a tweet that there are now five unsolved cases that could possibly be connected to her dad, one of these in Hays, KS.


Tweet from Kerri Rawson

The Hays Police Department released a statement saying, "We have received inquiries related to the 1983 disappearance of Mary Lang. While the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI), the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office, and the Hays Police Department will continue to explore all theories in this case, we do not presently have evidence that links Rader to this investigation."

Virden says he doesn't know for sure if Rader was involved in any of these cases but there's a lot of coincidences and he thinks it needs to be investigated.

Virden is currently investigating the missing person case of Cynthia Kinney who was last seen at a laundromat in 1976.