OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT/CNN Newsource) - A one-year-old girl has died after being left in a hot car at a Nebraska daycare, and her parents want someone held accountable.

Ra’Miyah Worthington died Monday after being left in a car registered to the owner of Kidz of the Future Child Development Center in Omaha.

“The day care picks them up in the morning, early in the morning,” said Rianna Worthington, Ra’Miyah's father. “My thing is how can you forget a kid that you yourself put into the vehicle?”

Ra’Miyah was the youngest of six. Her parents said she loved eating, dancing, and she always had a smile.

"She loved, loved, loved her family. She loved her daddy. She was daddy's little girl," the girl's mother, Sina Johnson, said.

Their kids have been going to the daycare for five years, but now all trust is lost. It's still unclear how long she was left inside the van.

The temperature reached 97 degrees outside during the day with a heat index of 113. At the hospital, Ra’Miyah’s parents were told her temperature was 109.

“How do you forget one when you take two off the van? How did you forget my baby?” Johnson said.

“The day care has an app,” Worthington said. “They’ll tell you stuff with their kids throughout the day. She was never checked in. Only one of the three kids we sent was checked in, so put two and two together. You had to have my baby left in this car since this morning.”

Sina and Rianna said they want justice for Ra’Miyah

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