WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Two people who were shot and killed atop a parking garage in Old Town apparently were there to help the 19-year-old suspect jump start his vehicle before the incident turned violent, according to a newly-released court document. 

Zachary Ramirez is accused of fatally shooting 21-year-old Bryan Lara-Hernandez and 19-year-old Josephina Lerma-Dominguez in the early-morning hours of Thursday, July 27.

Zachary Ramirez

A probable cause affidavit states officers responded to an unknown call for EMS at the Old Town parking garage near the now-closed Regal Warren theater. Dispatch advised there was a four-door Honda with a bloody person inside. The car also had bullet holes in it. 

Two officers arrived and found the two unresponsive victims in the car. Bryan Lara-Hernandez, 21, and Josephina Lerma-Dominguez, 19, were in the front passenger seat and appeared to have been shot.

Both victims were pronounced dead at around 4 a.m.

An officer checked the parking garage's surveillance video and saw the suspect was in a maroon SUV and had been parked for about two hours. The Honda pulled up next to the SUV, and the officer saw a conversation between the two vehicles.

"Both vehicle's hoods were lifted and it appears the Honda was trying to jump start the maroon SUV," the document states. 

During that time, a verbal argument began that quickly escalated to a physical shoving match, with the suspect, Zachary Ramirez, assaulting Josephina and Bryan, the document says. 

"Bryan then pulls a gun and points it at Zachary and others that are standing in front of the vehicles. Zachary A. Ramirez is seen running around the front of the maroon SUV and being handed a firearm from an unknown male. Zachary carries the firearm to the rear passenger side of the maroon SUV and waits for Bryan and Josephina to get in the Honda and begin backing up. The Honda's reverse lights come on and Zachary approaches the front passenger window of the Honda and begins firing multiple rounds into the Honda."

The Honda then rolled slowly backward and struck a concrete wall. Ramirez and two male subjects got in the SUV and left the parking garage.

A detective used Old Town cameras and Flock license plate reader technology to identify the maroon Jeep Cherokee's owner, Ramirez's mother. Two officers drove to the woman's house on North Tyler Road and saw a pickup truck backing out. The officers talked to the driver, Ramirez's mother, who told them that her son drives the Jeep. She told the officers she sees him from time to time, but he often stays with friends. 

Ramirez called his mother whole she was talking with officers, and one of the officers talked with Ramirez on the phone. The officer told Ramirez that detectives wanted to speak with him about an incident from overnight. 

Ramirez told the officer that "dude pulled a gun on us," "I had to react," and "I don't want my mom to cry over me."

Ramirez drove to his mother's house, where he was taken into custody and transported downtown. On the way, he said to an officer, "What would you do if someone pulls a gun on you?"

While being interviewed, Ramirez said he'd been at the Old Town parking garage with friend and his vehicle had died. He called several people, including Josephina, to bring him jumper cables. She showed up with an "unknown guy," Bryan Lara-Hernandez, and an argument broke out. Ramirez said Bryan pulled a gun on him, so he had to defend himself. 

Ramirez said he did not remember getting into any physical disturbance, but he told a detective that "Bryan had been talking sh-- to him earlier and he was not going to take it."

Ramirez said Bryan pointed a gun at him, so he went to the passenger side of his Jeep and got his handgun from under the front passenger seat. He said Bryan and Josephina got in the Honda and began to back up.

"He (Ramirez) said he saw Bryan's arm and knew he had just pulled a gun on him. He was scared so he began firing into the passenger side of the Honda." 

A detective watched video from on top of the parking garage and observed the Jeep with three people inside at 3:10 a.m. One was identified as Ramirez, and a second was identified as 19-year-old Wesley McDonald. The identity of the third was referred to by the initials JAC. 

Josephina and Bryan arrive and appeared to prepare to jump start the Jeep. 

A short time later, a two-door car arrived and two people inside retrieved jumper cables from the trunk. One of them, identified only as "AJ" appeared to connect the cables, enter and exit the Jeep and then reached to disconnect the cables. That's when, the affidavit states, McDonald sucker punched AJ and Ramirez appeared to join in the attack of AJ.

"AJ appears at the front passenger corner of the Jeep and appears to grab his face like he was hurt. As AJ appeared and begin hooking up the jumper cables, Zachary A. Ramirez appears to be arguing with Bryan Lara-Hernandez."

The document says Ramirez reached toward Bryan several times and Bryan appeared to swat Ramirez's hand away. Josephina tried to get between them, apparently trying to diffuse the argument. During the disturbance, Ramirez's prevented Bryan from getting in the passenger seat of the Honda and pushed Bryan several times, at which point Bryan pulled a handgun and pointed it at Ramirez and McDonald. 

JAC opened the passenger door of the Jeep, appeared to grab something from the door pocket and handed it to Ramirez. 

"(Ramirez) then walks to the rear passenger side of the Jeep where he stands and watches Bryan and Josephine get in the (Honda). The reverse lights illuminate on the (Honda) and as it backs up, (Ramirez) begins walking towards the partially open passenger window of the car, extends his hand, and begins shooting into the (Honda).

Bryan had been shot eight times and Josephina had been shot three times, according to the coroner's report.

Ramirez is charged with two counts of first-degree murder, criminal discharge of a firearm, aggravated battery and two counts of battery. He remains jailed on $2 million bond.

Sedgwick County Jail records show McDonald was booked on August 1 for battery and aggravated battery in connection to the case. 

Wesley McDonald (Sedgwick County Jail)