A 22-month-old in South Carolina has died after sustaining injuries in a dresser tip-over incident, according to the toddler's relative and a news release from the Anderson County Coroner's Office.

Ja'Laya Bryant of Calhoun Falls, South Carolina, was visiting her grandparents' house on Sunday and "apparently was trying to climb a dresser when it tumbled over and trapped her," according to the coroner's office.

Jessica Fleming, who identified herself as Ja'Laya's great-aunt, confirmed the toddler's death to "Good Morning America."

According to Fleming, investigators believe Ja'Laya had reached for bracelets on top of a dresser when the dresser fell, pinning the toddler between the dresser and the bed. She said they believe a dresser drawer also fell on the toddler's chest.

PHOTO: According to her great-aunt Jessica Fleming, Ja'Laya was
Jessica Fleming
According to her great-aunt Jessica Fleming, Ja'Laya was "a little ray of sunshine" whose smile would "light up everybody's world."

Fleming added that investigators told their family Ja'Laya died from asphyxiation after going into cardiac arrest. According to the coroner's office, there appeared to be no indication of foul play.

Fleming described Ja'Laya as "a little ray of sunshine" with a smile that would "light up everybody's world." She said she is speaking out on behalf of the toddler's family in order to raise awareness of furniture safety and prevent other families from having to go through such a tragedy.

PHOTO: Ja'Laya was visiting her grandparents' house on the day she died.
Jessica Fleming
Ja'Laya was visiting her grandparents' house on the day she died.

"You really don't think about it till it happens to your family, but tie the dressers down, pin them to the wall," Fleming said. "Put stuff up where a toddler cannot pull it over on them, where an accident doesn't happen."

"Accidents can happen literally within seconds especially with curious 22-month-olds," Fleming continued. "Take our heartache and devastation as a wake-up call for families to have furniture safely secured."

A representative for the Anderson County Sheriff's Office also told "GMA" in a statement that there have not been any charges brought in the case.

In April, the Consumer Product Safety Commission adopted a mandatory standard that would replace a previous standard and further protect children from injuries or death as a result of furniture tip-overs. It is expected to go into effect by September.

According to the CPSC, at least 294 people, including 199 children, died from tip-overs of clothing storage units between January 2000 and April 2022. There were also approximately 84,100 injures related to tip-overs from 2006 to 2021 that required a visit to a hospital emergency room.

The CPSC offers safety tips on its "Anchor It" website, including anchoring instructions and resources to help families avoid furniture and TV tip-over incidents. The federal agency also recommends adults take the following steps to prevent an accident:

  • Secure furniture, like bookcases and dressers, and TVs to walls.
  • Always install TVs on low and solid bases and push them back as far as possible, especially if an anchor isn't possible.
  • Do not display or store objects like remotes or toys where children may be enticed to climb up and get them.
  • Keep heavy items in lower drawers or on lower shelves.
  • Recycle old TVs or move them to a room and anchor them to a wall.
  • Keep cable and TV cords out of kids' reach.
  • Supervise children, even when furniture and TVs are anchored in place.