WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - It's been 31 days since the July 2, shooting that took place inside City Nightz club where eleven people were injured.  

Today, the owner of the night club removed his signage but according to his attorney, Charles O'Hara, this is not something he wanted to do but felt forced to do.  

O'Hara said the club owner and owner of the property both received a letter from the Wichita Police Department informing them that they would start treating the business as a nuisance. The letter stated if anything happens, it would be recorded and could be grounds to shut the business down entirely.  

On July 2, Jaylen Thomas entered the club and allegedly began wildly shooting into the crowd. According to O'Hara, city leaders have placed the blame for this incident on the club owner.

"City leaders go out and make a knee jerk emotional reaction to this and blame basically the club before they have all of the facts," said O'Hara.

Since the shooting at City Nightz, two people were shot to death in an Old Town parking garage. O'Hara calls WPD's treatment of City Nightz unfair and hypocritical.

"I didn't hear the city leaders, specifically the chief of police, and the mayor come out and say well we got to do something about that parking garage that we own...it's our fault," he said. 

O'Hara said this violence taking place in Wichita is not just an Old Town issue but a citywide issue. He added that the violence needs to be addressed rather than blamed.