Kansas abortion vote: One year later

Wichita, Kan. (KAKE) - Because abortion remains legal in Kansas, Planned Parenthood of the Great Plains president Emily Wales said that there's an overwhelming need to support clinics here, where thousands from other state's are now turning.

"In some ways, the best part about where we are at this point in the year is how little has changed," Wales said.

The Kansas health department said that more than 8,000 abortions performed in the state last year were from out-of-state patients.

Danielle Underwood with Kansans for Life is concerned.

"The sad thing about it is that in the meantime, the abortion facilities have been very happily lining their pockets," Underwood said. "And we have to remember that behind every one of those statistics is a woman who was pushed to feel like she had no other option."

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Underwood said, however, that the groups work isn't done.

She said that she's happy the conservative Kansas legislature is continuing to work on what she calls pro life policies.

"We were really glad to see that the legislature stepped forward and provided more funding for these pregnancy resource centers that are offering direct assistance, free diapers and formula, medical care, and many of them and all kinds of mentoring social services, things that they might need," Underwood said.

Planned Parenthood is taking Kansas' so called 'abortion reversal' law to court, and Wales says it's the group's intention to keep fighting no matter what the legislature passes in the future.

"The people of Kansas have spoken loud and clear that they do not want politicians in the business of interrupting a patient provider relationship," Wales said. "And we're gonna fight on behalf of Kansas to make sure people get the real care they deserve."

Planned Parenthood, Trust Women, and Aria Medical Clinic are the three abortion providers here in Wichita.

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