DURANGO, Colorado (KOAT) -- In Durango, Colorado, the relationship between a mail carrier and a 90-year-old woman saved her life.

It's a daily routine for Seana Green; she has been a mail carrier for 15 years.

“I substituted this out back then. But I didn't take it over consistently until four or five years ago,” Green said.

As she quickly walks from house to house, Green tries to keep up with the neighbors and enjoy a quick visit.

Two weeks ago, Green noticed something out of the ordinary at another neighbor's home.

“She's out there pretty much at least like three or four times a week, kind of on an every other day thing,” Green said.

Green was talking about then-89-year-old Marilyn Schmidt.

Green began to worry when Schmidt's mail began to pile up.

“I didn't see her on Thursday and I didn't hear on Friday. And when I showed up on Saturday and she wasn't on the porch and the mail was just hanging out of her box,” Green said.

She added, “I hollered through the screen and I said, 'Mrs. Schmidt?' And, 'Mrs. Schmidt, are you in there or are you OK?' And I heard her very weak voice, like, Oh, and I almost sounded like a kitten meowing.”

That's when Green made sure Schmidt was OK.

“It broke my heart. I walked in and sure enough, she was in the kitchen on the floor,” Green said.

Green called 911, and since then, Schmidt has been spending time at the Mercy Medical Center.

“The doctor said, you know, if we hadn't found her when we did, it would have been probably the worst-case scenario,” Green said.

Now as she walks through the neighborhood, she does more than just deliver the mail.

“I think of them as family. A lot of them. I really do,” Green said.

There is an appreciation between the mail lady and residents.

Two weeks after finding Schmidt on her kitchen floor, a new celebration happened inside the Mercy Medical Center.

“I am just so excited that it brought us together and that she and I got to know each other, that I could be there because now she gets to celebrate her 90th birthday,” Green said.

Schmidt celebrated turning 90 years old with a chocolate ice cream cake.

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