KECHI, Kan. (KAKE) - The Kechi Police Department is looking for a group of teens who stole traffic signs and vandalized a local park Monday night.

Police say they are working to fix the issues caused, however, are "disturbed" by a stolen American flag found in the local park that had been thrown to the ground.

"Many of the men and women in our community and surrounding area fought under that flag," the post said. "Some did not return home. I have friends who had to be buried under that flag. Most of us can relate. The amount of disrespect shown to our community last night should not sit well with you either."

The KPD says they have leads and a video and expect the case to been solved soon, however, they are offering the teens who did this a chance to work through the issues with police with "likely no legal recourse." 

"IF you decide to step up and do what is right, you just might sleep a little easier tonight," KPD said. "Should you decide double down on what took place and not take responsibility for your actions... We will handle the consequences on our time and at our will, which is usually very inconvenient for you."