WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE)- Gaelin Mason-Schmidt is the twin to Creighton Schmidt, who was recently in a serious car accident. 

“It completely shattered my heart because I would have never imagined something like this would have happened,” Gaelin said.

The car accident left Creighton with serious spinal cord and brain injuries.

“It had been a rollover accident," said Megan, Creighton's mother. "Creighton had been thrown from the vehicle. He was found... 60 feet from his truck.”  

What does his family credit with saving his life?

"Creighton’s phone called 911; he has crash detection on his phone,” Megan said.

All iPhone 14s and up have built in crash detection technology, but anyone can add this software to their phone through the app Life 360 and a simple upgrade. 

Megan Schmidt said, “I think on Life 360 it's like an extra 9-10 dollars a month to have that feature. I would pay that money any day to save my child’s life.”

She's making getting the word out about this technology her mission.

"Seconds can make the difference in getting someone the help that they need and so having something that instantly on the time of impact your phone detects it and notifies authorities really can make the difference in saving someone's life."

Creighton still has a long road of recovery ahead, and is hoping to eventually move to a rehabilitation center in Nebraska to continue his recovery. If you would like to support him and his journey contact Candace Wright at 316-616-4180. T-shirts are being sold to raise money for his medical expenses.