DERBY, Kan. (KAKE) - This year marks the fifth annual open house event in which the Derby community showed up to see fire trucks and learn about firework safety. 

"Derby's a great place and we just knew it was going to be a great experience for them,” Said Brittany Henning. "And didn't want to miss anything." 

Brittany and Patrick Henning are originally from Maize but traveled with their kids to Derby to see the parade and open house this morning. They have become more fire aware recently and have made sure to prepare for emergencies.

"We looked into it a while ago, bought a few things for safety for our house and things like that,” Henning said. “And I think this (event) really makes people go 'oh wow that really is an issue’." 

The fire department hopes that this event can give them the opportunity to share just how much of a danger fireworks can be. Derby Fire Chief John Turner says that disposing of fireworks properly and cleaning out gutters or areas with dry leaves are some ways to prevent accidental fires. 

"We get asked impromptu questions when we're displaying those apparatus so that's nice to be able to answer those and be available for the community," Turner said.

Chief Turner's own family joined in the fun.

"They say they're here to support me but I think my grandson's really here for fire trucks," said Turner.