WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Police say a man accused of raping hospital patients in Wichita told investigators he was having sexual fantasies about patients.  A probable cause affidavit in the case against Miguel Rodela was made public Friday afternoon. 

Rodela, 28, is charged with rape, attempted rape and battery.

"This has been very hard for our nurses. Nurses are supposed to care for people when they're the most vulnerable," said Lisa Watson, a registered nurse at Ascension Via Christi St. Francis.

Watson has worked at Via Christi St. Francis for 18 years and says what police say happened at her hospital is devastating.

The document details incidents on June 15, 2023 when police were called to the hospital, on a report of multiple patients being sexually assaulted.  A nurse entered the room of a 76-year-old female patient and found a man with his hands near the patient's vagina.  The man was manipulating the patient's external catheter. The patient told officers she felt discomfort and felt the man's fingers inside her vagina.

Police also met with an 82-year-old female patient on the 7th floor. A nurse technician said she saw a man kneeling beside the bed with both of his hands under her blankets and the blankets were moving around her thigh area. The patient also said the man kissed her on the mouth.

Later, a security officer said he observed Rodela on top of a patient with a traumatic brain injury,  and was lifting up her shirt. Rodela was arrested after fighting with security officers in a hospital room.  

"We are not given the circumstances that we would prefer, and the environment where we can take care of our patients the best. This has brought a lot of concerns for nurses, people who maybe didn't see as many of the problems before," said Watson.

Rodela told investigators he had been drinking before the incident and having sexual fantasies about hospital patients. Rodela admitted to police he contacted three patients and possibly a fourth, by rubbing and kissing on them until they woke up.   

Although police said Rodela told patients he was a nurse in training he was not employed by the hospital. Rodela told officers he tried to avoid contact with hospital staff.  

"Patients and families should not have access to anywhere they wish in the hospital. There should be locked units. There should be security measures at the front door. There should be a policy, when people get to the hospital that they cannot just walk in and do whatever," said Watson.

Since the incidents via Christi Union Nurses have gone on strike demanding more security and better working conditions. 

"I don't really know how [Saturday] is going to look. I know that they have made some changes to security, um, for a short period of time," said Watson.

We reached out to Ascension Via Christi St. Francis Hospital, we haven't heard back.