WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - To some, Memorial Day is all about barbeques and having an extra day off of work. But to people like Lavonta Williams, it means so much more.

It takes your breath away when you come out at first," she said. "I came out here to see my husband. And to let him know that I was really, really missing him and thinking about him."

United Way of the Plains and the Machinists Union put out an entire acre of 600 big American flags at 235 and Meridian to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Williams says this is her first Memorial Day without her husband.

"He was in the Air Force, the United States Air Force... During the Vietnam time, and ended up coming to Emporia to finish up his schooling, and to start his schooling as well, and that's where we met," said Williams.

As hard as it is adjusting to life without the person whose been your best friend for so many decades, Williams says seeing veterans honored in such a big way makes it just a little bit easier.

"It's a good feeling, though. It's a good feeling to know that this represents that many people who served. And it's a good way for us to say thank you for your service," she said.

Williams says she hopes at least one other person driving by who may also be grieving saw the display, and got the same feeling she did.

"To see all of the flags waving just gives you a gut feeling of thank you. And to all of those that are here, somebody misses you."