(CNN) -- A man in Ann Arbor is safe this morning after scaring off an intruder during a terrifying home invasion. The 77-year-old man says he didn't let fear keep him from defending his home.

The frightening incident unfolded at a home on Arbordale near West Stadium Boulevard.

"I don't look for trouble," Craig said. "It found me."

Trouble may have found this 77-year-old man from Ann Arbor, but it didn’t stay long.

Craig lives alone so when he heard someone trying to open the screen door, he, "came out to investigate the noise...the guy had come over the kitchen window over the sink and was turned toward me about 15 feet," he recalls.

Face to face with his intruder, he yelled and then pulled out his pistol.

"I got off one shot at him. I hope I scared him, but I missed him."

The potential thief got the point and quickly left the same way he got in.

"He went out headfirst," Craig said.

Thankfully, damage to Craig's home is minimal. Just a broken window frame and a few dings, And the intruder didn't get away with anything.

Craig says he has no regrets.

"Cause he was younger than me. No doubt stronger than me. I am 77 years old and it was in my house and I defended myself and I'd do it again," he said.


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