GODDARD, KS. (KAKE) - A mother Nigerian Dwarf goat named Shandy is resting comfortably after giving birth to quadruplets!

Two boys and two girls were born. One kid is a little smaller than the siblings and is receiving extra care from Tanganyika's Care Team and zookeepers.

There are currently thirteen baby goats in the Tanganyika Petting Zoo, including the new Fantastic Four, ready to be fed, petted, and loved by all their welcome guests!

Research from the park shows that the definition of Kidding is the birthing process of goats, with an average of 90 percent of Nigerian Dwarf Goats having one to two kids per pregnancy. Sometimes there happens to be a unique instance where a single mother can have anywhere from three to six kids in one pregnancy. There is commonly only a 2 percent chance of a single goat birthing and accepting 4 kids at once, and Tanganyika is very thrilled to be a part of such an exciting, rare occasion.

The Veterinarian who aided in the park’s special kidding stated “Twins are common and are expected. Triplets can occur and this also is expected. When they have 4 that all survive, this is rare.”