WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - It was a perfect day Thursday for a trip to the Sedgwick County Zoo, and for visitors like Brandon Peek and Rachel Phelps, there was an extra special surprise.

"They were very playful today. I wish we would have known though, because I would have liked to see that new elephant," they said.

Meet Callee – a 22-year-old African elephant that just got to his new home from Omaha.

"He's being incredibly respectful and a perfect gentleman so far," said Sedgwick County Zoo Marketing Director Jennica King.

Weighing in at 10,000 pounds and 9 feet tall, his favorite thing to do is eat.

"He loves cantaloupe. That's his favorite right now. It's cantaloupe season," said King.

But she says he's not just here for the cantaloupe.

"We like to call it zHarmony. It's kind of like eHarmony for zoos. So they have, you know, studbooks essentially. Have all of the genetics, every individual at every zoo, and they decided that Callee's genetics are a great match for the females that we have here," said King.

And thankfully, she says it's going well so far.

"All of our females seem to be very excited to have him here... Callie wandered to Omaha, bred with those, they had five successful pregnancies, three calves on the ground, and expecting two coming to be born fairly soon. And so we're hoping that he can be as prolific here as he was in Omaha," said King.

Whatever your favorite animal is, people like Peek and Phelps say seeing them happy and so well taken care of is what keeps them coming back.

"I got the season pass for a reason. You know, my house is close enough I love to walk here whenever I have free time."