WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Wichita's long-awaited Nordstrom Rack opens Thursday.

The storefront confirmed last year that the store would be opening at 1800 North Rock Road Ste. 130 in Bradley Fair.  

"We're excited to open our first Rack location in the Wichita market," said Carl Jenkins, senior vice president of Nordstrom Rack Stores, said when releasing the news last July. "We invite our new customers to visit us often in our convenient new location and look forward to serving the Wichita community alongside a vibrant collection of nearby businesses." 

The Wichita Business Journal reported the Seattle-based retailer says it's a 28,000 square-foot store. 
A release from Nordstrom Rack said the store features up to 70% off apparel, accessories and shoes for the whole family from 90% of the top brands available at Nordstrom.
"We get new deliveries every week, so customers can find new and exciting products every time the visit Nordstrom Rack."
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