The Great Plains Transportation Museum is beloved by train lovers in Wichita. That's why it was sad for museum workers when nearly $10,000 worth of damage was done to some of the displays in the museum.

Great Plains Transportation Museum Director Drew Meek says three teenagers broke into multiple train cars, kicking doors off of their hinges, breaking windows, and even setting off a fire extinguisher.

"Later they were found breaking into our diesel locomotive number 93," says Meek.

Garrett Fresh works at a downtown business close to the museum.

He said that there's a rich history of railroads in Wichita that the museum stands for.

"Trains are what built America and why would you want to hurt anything that, you know, any of that kind of history?" Fresh asks. "Why would you destroy that?"

Police were able to respond quickly to the vandalism because of a 24-hour train cam which is at the museum.

"Some people that were looking at it live noticed that there was some smoke coming from the north side north area, that property wasn't sure what that was coming from," Meek said. "They already apprehended the suspect they also called the police and apprehended all three suspects."

Meek said that because the suspects are so young, he hopes they've learned a valuable life lesson.

He adds, however, that the damage is devastating to the museum.

"We are a nonprofit, we do not have the resources to be able to do all of this restoration that we are already doing, and then have to get out, and then our resources get diverted to have to do repairs."

The museum is asking for financial help in repairing that damage, if you like to help you can make a donation.