It was a quiet Tuesday at the campsites around Cheney Lake. It's also one of the last times the state park will have open spots until after Memorial weekend.

That's why David Schinstock is already out there.

“To get a campsite out here over the weekend, they're all booked for the whole summer," Schinstock said. 

The park is expecting between 40-50,000 visitors for the holiday weekend but when those visitors get there, they’ll be greeted with a much lower shoreline due to the drought.

“Right now we're 3.85 feet low, which is a lot lower than typically what we're used to," Park Manager Shayn Koppes tells Kake. "There are some boat ramps that aren't accessible because the courtesy docks are sitting on the ground.“

That isn't deterring Visitors. Park management says they’re booked out this weekend and several other weekends this summer.  

“Everybody can still camp, everybody can still use trails,” said Koppes.

The biggest issue the lower water levels could cause is for boaters. Koppes says that a lot of the different coves or extra spaces just can’t be reached, so most boats will be closer together in the deep parts of the lake.

Koppes is asking everyone to “be courteous to everybody out there, you know, make sure that what another boats coming by you yield to the right away and if you're always unsure, just come to you know, come to a stop and just make sure to let them go by.”

Shinstock says this is one of the lowest points he’s seen Cheney in the few times he's visited over the years but agrees with the park managers that this weekend should still be busy.

“The boaters may be a little crowded out there, but they can get on the lake and still find time to have fun and there's still enough water for all that.”