WILSON, Kan. (KAKE) - The future of a central Kansas school district is now in the hands of the voters.

It was earlier this year that the Central Plains School District decided to close the Wilson 7-12 grade school due to a lack of funding. Now some voters in the district say the best step forward is to disband the district entirely.

Enough petition signatures were gathered to put the disorganization of USD 112 up for a vote during the August 1st primary election.

Superintendent Bill Lowry says if it passes, state law says other surrounding districts would take the land of the district if voters decide to disorganize. "We have about 10 school districts that border us," Lowry said. "So, there would be about 10 school districts eligible to be assigned by the board of education."

The district wouldn't be disbanded until July 1, 2024. 

However, Board President Tamara Dody is concerned about the role the state board of education would take if voters say yes. "Obviously, I want to do what we can to keep local control and keep the best interest of our rural areas intact and not leave it up to the state board of education to control the future of our schools," said Dody. 

Supporters of disorganization say there may be hope that the Wilson facility could open again under a new district so students wouldn't have to travel too far to go to school.

If voters say no, the district would remain intact and another election couldn't be held on the issue for another two years.