ANDOVER, Kan. (KAKE) - Rene Frazer is the owner of Renew Consign & Cafe in Andover, doing business for years in a little shopping center off of Central.

"I was shocked. I was blown away. We saw all the white vans pull up and things getting unloaded, and I was devastated, really," said Frazer.

Just a few doors down from her is an Andover icon – Bob & Luigi's Pizza.

"They're super nice people, and yeah, it was like, what," said Frazer.

At the end of April, agents from the Kansas Department of Revenue showed up with the Sheriff and shut down Bob & Luigi's.

"They were behind on taxes, so the state pretty much says, hey, we're gonna go seize this business here, meet us here at this time, and bring trailers to load everything," said Jadyn StVrain with Bud Palmer Auction.

The state says Bob & Luigi's owed $8,784.82 in sales tax, and after trying everything with the owner to work it out, it says it had no choice.

Now, Luigi himself (the big, iconic statue from inside the store) and everything else that was in the restaurant are sitting in a warehouse getting ready to go to auction.

"It's definitely sad. I mean, you don't like to see any business fail like that. But we're just doing our job, and somebody has to do it," said StVrain.

StVrain says auctions like this are never fun, but the team will do everything it can to get as much money as possible for the business.

"I want their stuff to look as good as it can and sell as good as it can, and just to really help them pay off their debt. I mean, that's really the end goal," said StVrain.

Frazer says the parking lot she shared with Bob & Luigi's went from always full to now usually empty, so she's hoping the landlord can find a new tenant that will continue bringing in customers.

"Hopefully, they'll rent it, and things will get moving again," said Frazer.

StVrain says the auction has everything from food and soda, TVs, commercial appliances, and everything in between, and there is no reserve. The auction is on May 31st. For more information or to see photos of everything for sale, click here.