WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Officials at the Wichita Transit System are still trying to figure out how one of their electric buses caught fire early Wednesday morning.

The bus was parked in the maintenance area because of a check engine light coming on. These buses take lithium-ion batteries, which were not charging at the time.

"We've operated electric buses now for over a half a million miles so again what caused this anomaly it's gonna be... we're going to put every bit of effort we have to find out why it did what it did and correct it," said Director of Transit Mike Tann.

According to Battalion Chief Jose Ocadiz, lithium batteries are new to technology but when there is a fire, it is treated as electrical.

Ocadiz said there are different ways to put out these types of fires but because the fire alarm went off and not the sprinklers, they doused it with water.

Tann said the investigation is ongoing and the manufacturer will visit on Thursday in hopes of proving insight as to how this fire started.