Kids at Lincoln Elementary learned that their school was closing at the end of the year from their parents Monday night and Tuesday morning.

KAKE News spoke with some of them as they were getting out of school Tuesday afternoon about how they felt, and how they think they'll adjust to going to McCandless Elementary next year.

"All these years the school has been together, I think is really crazy that there's gonna shut it down like that," said Lincoln student Bryce. "But at the same time, I understand there are not that many teachers in the system. So I think that they're making a good decision at the same time."

One issue brought up at Monday night's special meeting, was how kids who went to Lincoln, can get to McCandless Elementary, which is more than two miles away.

Parent Sarah Ulrich hopes the district can bus the kids from Lincoln to McCandless, but she's not sure if the budget will allow it to do that.

"Last night, it was more of we're going to look at the budget and see if we can do anything," Ulrich said. "So that was bothersome."

She said that now that the decision's been made, she hopes the parents and students can get to know the people in the McCandless community. 

"The more familiar everyone is with the school before the next school year. The less anxiety we're gonna have."