A soaking rain across most of KAKEland beginning Sunday is begging to wrap up as of 3pm Monday. Below is a radar estimated look at rain across the state, with most places seeing at least a trace from Sunday morning to now. 

Other areas have seen some beneficial accumulation. Take a look at some of those totals below (courtesy of the Kansas State Mesonet site)!

Stanton: 1.48"

Lake City: 1.05"

St. John 1NW: 1.03"

Viola: 0.98"

Gypsum: 0.84"

Haysville: 0.80"

Butler: 0.78"

Hutchinson 10SW: 0.70"

Garden City: 0.48"

Scott City 3SE: 0.43" 

For more rainfall totals, check out the Kansas State Mesonet site.  


Below are rainfall reports from some local airports:

Eisenhower National Airport: 1.18"

Salina Municipal Airport: 0.95"

Hutchinson Municipal Airport: 0.58"

Dodge City Regional Airport: 0.22"


Below are a few of the rainfall reports (as of 7am Monday) from local weather observers whom report to the CoCoRaHS site.

Winfield 5.9SW: 3.01"

Arlington 0.5S: 2.38"

Salina 2.9NE: 2.28"

Wichita 6.3W: 1.50"