GODDARD, Kan. (KAKE) - Tanganyika Wildlife Park is celebrating the arrival of two cheetah cub litters while sharing more about its conservation efforts. 

The park said Monday that cheetahs are one of the most vulnerable and iconic big cats in the world, and they are facing numerous threats that endanger their survival. There are only around 8,000 cheetahs left in the world. 

"Tanganyika Wildlife Park, located in Goddard, Kansas, is dedicated to cheetah conservation and has recently celebrated the birth of cheetah cubs, furthering their commitment to saving the species," the park said. 

Since 2008, Tanganyika has successfully bred 40 cheetah cubs. Its newest litters were born on Easter.

In addition to breeding cheetahs, Tanganyika said it focuses on raising awareness about cheetah conservation and supporting communities in cheetah range countries.