Halstead High School held its graduation ceremony Saturday afternoon. Among the graduates was a Marine veteran, and his scholastic achievement has been decades in the making. His message: it's now or never!  

"I’m probably the only 95-year-old graduate they've had,” said Marine corps veteran Wilbur Nachtigal.

Wilbur was 17 years old when he decided to join the Marines. He left school to serve America in World War II. Graduating high school is a moment he has dreamed of.

"This is really something special. I didn't expect this much. And I'm very proud they gave that much to me,” said Nachtigal.

So what was it like for Nachtigal to get that diploma?

Nachtigal has a message for others in the Marine Corps:

"I think every Marine is proud of the Corps and I just hope I set a good example for younger ones."

"I thought about it (getting my diploma) a number of times, but I just didn't move. And well, you get to be 95 and you start thinking a little different. And I thought well maybe I better, now or never ya know,” said Nachtigal.