CNN Newsource-  (WDJT) -- Grafton police arrested a teacher at John Long Middle School on Friday, May 12, on charges of making "terrorist threats" to students in his class as well as "exposing a child to harmful material, descriptions, or narrations." Both of these are Class I felonies.

The police made a report of an incident that happened around 9:55 a.m. after a student texted his mom from class saying that his teacher made threatening remarks and said that he owned 17 guns. The teacher did admit to this during a meeting with the principal and said that the threats were made out of anger.

The teacher said he became angry after he saw student artwork and a notebook in his class with swastikas drawn on them. The teacher, who is Jewish, said he would "send his daughter to their homes with a baseball bat," "go scorched earth on them," and wished pain upon the students and their families. Upon requests to discuss this matter, the teacher said would not speak with the investigating officer without his lawyer.

Grafton Schools Superintendent Jeff Nelson put out a statement that says in part,

"This morning at John Long Middle School, administration was informed of an issue regarding the inappropriate and unprofessional behavior of a staff member. An investigation was immediately conducted, and the teacher was immediately placed on leave and escorted from the building. This staff member will continue to be on leave and will not have contact with students until we complete our investigation.

Please know that student safety is always our top priority. Mr. Weiss promptly took action to ensure that all students were safe and that learning could continue. Our JLMS staff is to be commended for their professionalism and teamwork in handling a difficult situation."


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