Kansas Senator Roger Marshall was at the border at midnight when Title 42 ended. He said it was approximately 170,000 people lined up from Texas to California wanting to get in. 

This is his fourth trip to the border and he said this visit was different as border patrol told him they want to go back to the "Remain in Mexico" policy.  

"Last week the border patrol seized 56 pounds of fentanyl," said Senator Roger Marshall (R) Kansas. "We don't know how much got through the border but we know it was enough to kill approximately 300 young Americans every day."

"We are seeing the increase in overdose deaths; we see the increase in violent crime associated with fentanyl and other drugs," said Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter. "Those type of things that is all cartel-controlled period." 

Marshall said Mexico is only taking back 500 people per day. His concern is that there will be an influx of migrants adding to an existing drug issue.  His additional concern is that if there is an increase in migrants, Kansas is not equipped to handle this increasing population due to mental health, housing, and social services resources being tapped out.