WICHITA, Kan. (AP/KAKE) - Kansas has had an influx of visitors this spring and some may have found their way into your homes.  It's the Army Cutworm moth also known as the Miller Moth. 

Horticulture expert Matthew McKernan said dry weather contributed to the increase this year.

"Often times for example, fungal activity is less in the soil in the winter months during dry conditions and so as a result a lot of the caterpillars that might have been killed off normally in a wetter winter by the soil fungus are not going to be killed off this year because of the dryer winter we experienced," said Mckernan.  

He said these moths are harmless and don't cause issues within the landscape. They typically feed off of agricultural crops. They can, however, cause allergic reactions.  

For some people, a concern might be them getting into your clothing, eating the material, and causing holes but don't fret, this is something they will not do.  

McKernan said to be patient as the moths are just passing through town and plan to head to the Rocky Mountains for the summer.