COLLIER TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania (WTAE) - A short police chase ended with an SUV flipping into a parked car, nearly missing a Collier Township home by inches Thursday morning.

Police are planning to file fleeing and DUI charges against the Pittsburgh driver, Frank Cooper III.

The crash happened a little after 2:30 a.m. on the 1200 block of Washington Pike.

Witness Byron Bartic said he was sitting at a stop light when he heard sirens and saw police lights and then saw a black SUV speed past him before crashing.

“It was like a scene out of 'The Fast and Furious,’” said Bartic.

Bridgeville police Chief Chad King said an officer noticed a black SUV hop a curb and hit two light poles before driving through a flower bed, which is when the officer attempted to pull the vehicle over. However, police said Cooper only continued to take off and was clearly intoxicated.

"The car was involved in two collisions just prior to (the crash). When it took out two different light poles, the officer initiated a chase (then) a third collision happened in front of enterprise, and the fourth then happened when it eventually flipped, 12 seconds later," said King.

King said the entire chase lasted about one minute from start to finish.

"As soon as they told me it was a police chase, I figured it had to be a drunk driver," said Ryan Stienstraw, who lives in the home where the car crashed. "It's amazing to me how he didn't come through the front of the house. I'm sure my car had an impact on that too."

Police said the time of morning was a factor in why they initiated the pursuit.

The chief said Cooper had another man in the car with him, who they believe was also intoxicated. Cooper was taken to the hospital, but no major injuries were reported.

They plan to file charges once Cooper is released from the hospital.

"It's my understanding that his blood alcohol level was high enough according to their tests, and it's the main reason they're holding him," said King.

Stienstraw said a structural engineer is going to come out and check the duplex to ensure it's structurally safe.

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