CLAY CENTER, Kan. (KAKE) - It's been an active week of severe weather across Kansas this week, with perhaps the most significant Tornado touches down in Weskan, damages school

Emergency management in Clay County shared some storm and damage reports from Monday's storms. They included a possible tornado near Oak Hill, tree limbs down, and water covering roadways. 

But the agency also shared an unusual storm damage photo on it's Facebook page: a mangled coconut cream pie. 

"If you've ever had one of local baker, Nancy Kimbrough's pies, you know this had to be very distressing for the recipient," the post says. "The wind ripped the meringue off the pie and splattered it across the parking lot while she was delivering it. If it was one of her strawberry - rhubarb pies, I would have been curled up under my blanket sucking my thumb and crying like a baby."

Emergency Management also plugged the Clay Center Farmer's Market on Saturdays where attendees can get baked goods from Nancy Kimbrough other local and area bakers, jam/jelly makers, gardeners, artists and craftsmen.
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