WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) -  The almost 40-year-old siren near 45th and Rock Rd. is due for maintenance but Sedgwick County Deputy Director, Jonathan Marr, said it looks like this one will be replaced. 

According to Marr, each siren contains motors, transformers, motherboards, and batteries so it is not uncommon to have sirens go down periodically.  Additionally, Sedgwick County has a more complicated outdoor warning system that the county is looking into changing. 

Marr said last year the county commission passed a five-year capital improvement plan. This means upgrades and replacements to current outdoor warning systems will be taking place. 

Although people rely on sirens for their warnings, Marr said it is critical to have multiple ways of receiving notifications.  He encourages people to sign up for  Civic Ready Alerts where you can receive notifications through either text, email, or voice.  

Marr adds they don't always know when a siren is not working and also encourage people to sign up on their website to adopt a siren.