WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - "Kind of shook up. Just kind of like, not really sure what to do next," said Esteban Becerril.

Becerril was at home in Riverside when the storms first hit Wichita Tuesday afternoon. Like most Kansans, it's something he's used to, and he didn't think twice about it.

But when he got up to use the restroom, he realized something wasn't right.

"I was in the bathroom, looking out the window, and I saw the trees swaying back and forth, but like, a lot harder than normal," said Becerril.

Next thing he knew, a massive tree fell through his roof right where he was just sitting.

"The house started shaking. It immediately became clear that there was some bigger thing. And then, yeah, just discovering my bedroom just completely covered with debris was just the worst part," said Becerril.

However, he says the scariest part is when he tried to get out.

"The door, it looked fine, but it wouldn't budge," he said.

Completely trapped, firefighters had to climb up and bust out his window to rescue him.

Thankfully, he had no injuries, but the danger was far from over.

Huge explosions from the transformer just above his house caused small fires firefighters had to watch closely while waiting for Evergy to shut it off.

"That's how our members of the firefighters treat it if we show up with a power line down. Until Evergy tells us otherwise, that power line is live, and we'll treat it as such. And so should the public," said WFD Battalion Chief Lane Pearman.

Becerril says while he's grateful to be alive, he knows it will be a long road to recovery.

"Still just kind of waiting on updates on how long, you know, timeframes. Will have to call in sick to work tomorrow now probably. I don't know. Just yeah, still processing it," said Becerril.