SB 180 is receiving backlash from transgender rights organizations, and Kansas Legal Services says they're worried about how this new law will impact the safety and privacy of Kansas residents who identify as transgender.

"This bill is a huge setback for trans folks in Kansas," said Ellen Bertels, who heads up Kansas Legal Service's 'Name Change' project.

Kansas Legal Services is teaming up with groups like Equality Kansas and the ACLU to host online and in-person clinics to help Kansans change their gender marker on documents like driver's licenses and birth certificates.

Bertels said that there's a time crunch to make the change.

"With only eight weeks between when the bill was overwritten and passed, and when the bill goes into effect, that's pretty hard," Bertels said. "It's a pretty short amount of time to get that many people help. So we're trying to work as fast as we can."

A lawsuit in 2019 had struck down an earlier gender identity change ban in Kansas.

After changing his vote on SB 180 to give Republicans the veto override, State lawmaker Jesse Borjon told KAKE News this bill may also end up in court.

"Certainly the courts need to have some input here," Borjon said in April. "If this crosses the line, that's their call so we'll see how that plays out."

Bertels said that the trans community will be at risk of discrimination, or even violence once the law goes into effect, and being able to change the gender markers is an important step in providing security.

"For a trans person to have accurate identification means that they have safety, privacy, and security when they're in public."

One of those in-person clinics is being held in Wichita on Tuesday.

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