If over 500 pounds of pasta was dumped in the forest, would it make a sound?

Officials in central New Jersey recently discovered a quarter-ton of the beloved Italian carbs left in a wooded area with no explanation. Authorities said the noodles were mysteriously spilled near a stream in Old Bridge.

Mayor Owen Henry said Friday the mystery pasta -- which was a mix of spaghetti, noodles and macaroni -- was cleaned up by public works crews last week, shortly after officials discovered the bizarre scene, according to the Associated Press.

Hundreds of pounds of pasta were discovered in the woods along a stream at Veterans Park in Old Bridge, N.J.

"It certainly shouldn’t have ended up in the woods -- putting in or near the stream bed was not the best idea," he said in a press conference. "I certainly hope our police are not putting more time into this -- assuming the pasta was still usable, I wish it had ended up in our food bank, which could have really used it."

Town officials estimated the pasta, which was removed from the packaging and dumped illegally along the creek, had only been there a short time before it was discovered, ABC News New York City affiliate WABC reported.

The Department of Public Works, which visited and cleaned up the site, believe the pasta was raw when it was tossed out, but due to heavy rain, the pasta became softened, appearing soggy, as if it had been cooked.

Pictures of the pasta first went viral on social media after a community advocate posted photos of the food along a creek in Veterans Park, AP first reported.

According to WABC, several community members say they know who is responsible for dumping the pasta, but added that it is "a person they care deeply about and is a sensitive situation."