ELMDALE, Kan. (KAKE) - An injured bald eagle that was found five days after tornadoes tore part of eastern Kansas has died. 

The eagle suffered a broken wing with an open wound in the April 19 storms in Chase County and endured a three-hour surgery. Sadly, an Operation Wildlife official said the bird died Sunday from complications of blood loss and infection.

"When he came the wing was infected because it had been open to the elements for 5 days. He had also lost a lot of blood,"  Operation Wildlife Executive Director Diane Johnson said in an email to KAKE News. "We had him on antibiotics to fight the infection but he got septicemia and died."

Had it survived, the eagle would have been returned to the area where it was found after up to three months of rehabilitation.

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A bald eagle that suffered a broken wing during a tornado in eastern Kansas last week is on the mend after a surgeon repaired the bird's broken bones. 

Operation Wildlife said Wednesday that a three-hour surgery had been completed on the eagle, which had a fractured ulna and radius. The procedure included placing pins that run down cavities of the bones and smaller pins with a malleable product to keep the wing from rotating. 

"It was a long 3 hours BUT with some tenacity, muscle, skilled surgeon, a little grace and luck it came together beautifully," Operation Wildlife said in a Facebook post. "He's a long ways from being out of the woods."

Staff were treating an infection and said the eagle lost a lot of blood before he got to Operation wildlife.

"He's a bit groggy but coming around pretty good. Thank you to everyone that contributed to his surgery and care!"

Several tornadoes were report in Chase County last Wednesday. The sheriff said two people suffered minor injuries.