The historic Walton Elementary School is more than just a learning center for Shawn Hayes and her grandson, Ezra: the school's playground offers them a chance at some serious quality time.

Hayes says that she's seen the difference the school has made on her grandchildren and the community.

"They're taking away something very big here, and it's very sad." Hayes said. "I've seen my two grandchildren just grow so much. I have one grandson that's been here, through fourth grade. And he's already out, he's in Newton, but it's just phenomenal, what happens here."

Parent Ian Long says that the school has a unique approach when it comes to teaching young kids about things like agriculture.

He points to the gardens and livestock the students care for on the campus as one example. The board's financial concerns don't outweigh that, he maintains.

"I'm looking at the overall district's budgets and capabilities, figuring out where your biggest drains are adjustments, but not in a such a way that it is detrimental to the educators in no form or fashion," Long said.

He adds that it's difficult to explain to his first grader why his school may be shutting its doors.

"All my youngest son wants to do is go to school his brother wants to go to Walton wants to go to the same classes and experience the same things that his big brother got to do. I want that for them more than anything else in the world. And every other parent whose child goes to this school has the same drive, desire and thought process that I do."

Long expects a packed house at Monday night's public hearing on the potential closure, where the Newton school board will make it's final decision whether or not to close the school.

We reached out to members of the board who voted to begin the closure process and haven't heard back.

We'll let you know what they say when we do hear from them.