Eight-year-old Amariana Crump, affectionately known as Chef Mari, taught classes on Saturday afternoon at Church of the Savior on how to bake tasty cookies using healthy ingredients. Chef Mari's love for baking doesn't stop there, however; she also donates what she bakes to families in Wichita who are experiencing food insecurity.   

Chef Mari has been baking for about four months now.  It all began when her great grandmother, Nan Putnam, took her to the Bread Club, where they bake bread and donate it to an organization called Children First.

Mari decided that she'd like to bake cookies for Children First in addition to the bread, so her grandmother and she experimented with healthy ingredients until they came up with some healthy recipes.

Putnam said Mari asked her how can we bake cookies for them in addition to them receiving the bread.  From there, they began experimenting with healthy ingredients until they came up with healthy recipes. 

Mari calls her cookies Amariana Gold. How many pounds of Amariana Gold cookies does she want to give away?

"10...20...30...40...50!" she said.