Meritrust is sounding the alarm to members about a new scam trend.

Multiple members have received text messages asking about recent purchases, and providing a link, where Meritrust says scammers are asking for personal information.

"Whether it's a text message that looks like it's coming from a financial institution or another service provider, or it can be even phone calls, that have a phone number that is spoofed, you know, it can be very difficult to distinguish between an actual text message or message from a trusted financial institution, and one that is from a scammer," says Internal Communications Manager for Meritrust Shelly Downs.

She said that while the text may seem important, there are steps to making sure it's legitimate.

"The first thing is, don't click the link and don't provide information. If you know that it's a scam, delete it, block the number."

Downs said that anyone can be at risk of getting scammed, especially when the message seems so important.

"These fraudsters are really trying to convey a sense of urgency, they really want to act upon our emotions," Downs said. "But it is really best to take a step back from the situation. Think twice, contact the Financial Institution, and remember that a legitimate business isn't going to be upset at you for waiting and kind of taking time to research it."

Meritrust says in some cases, members have even received a phone call from a person claiming to be with the credit union, asking questions that would solicit sensitive information.