After months of lobbying through news conferences and legislative hearings, Monday survivors of child sex abuse saw their work pay off when Governor Laura Kelly signed a bill that eliminates the statute of limitation for criminal charges on such crimes.

Diana Schunn executive director of the Child Advocacy Center of Sedgwick County says "I think from here on, people will recognize that that is an option that they may have, as adults to be able to disclose that information."

With a law like this, Schunn says it is important for survivors to have time to process their emotions and what happened to them. Often times it takes people decades to be able to disclose what they went through.

"Many children will never disclose their abuse at all and so an adult doesn't have the opportunity to step in, and tried to provide safety for them if they're not talking about what abuse may have occurred to them."

The bill also extends the window for civil charges to be filed in child sex abuse cases. Schunn says she doesn't expect this law to lead to a flurry of lawsuits, it just gives survivors another option to try to seek justice.

 "Whether that's a civil or a criminal side to have the go into court that takes a lot of courage for victims to want to get into a room and be able to talk about the difficult and trying situations that they have been put into."